Shaderlight 2018 (v6.2) – what’s new?

We are always looking for ways in which we can make rendering with Shaderlight simpler and save you time.  In the latest update to Shaderlight 2018, released last month, there are a few useful additions to assist your rendering workflow.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new.

  • More precise adjustment of environment rotation

For a more realistic finish when using lighting environments in your render, it’s important to get an accurate match of the lighting environment and background image.

Shaderlight now includes a numeric entry field in the lighting environment rotation setting allowing you to enter a specific value rather than just using the slider control.  The rotation angle can also be specified as a decimal number, allowing much finer adjustment of the rotation.


  • Warning when closing during render

We all know how frustrating it is to lose work by accidentally closing a window on your computer.   Well, Shaderlight will now warn if you attempt to close the render window while a render is in progress to prevent accidentally losing the progress of a long-running render.


  • Always on Top setting is remembered

The Always on Top setting in Shaderlight keeps the Shaderlight window above other windows you have open.  It’s always been a useful tool, particularly when rendering in auto-update mode, however we’ve improved it so that Shaderlight will now remember the Always on Top setting’s state between sessions.


These are just the latest additions to Shaderlight.  If you’ve not upgraded in a while then why not download our FREE 14 day trial to see what else is new since your last upgrade.

Shaderlight 2018 (6.2) is available as a free update to users already rendering with Shaderlight 2018.  Just download the software from the Update Shaderlight section of our website.

Existing users of Shaderlight 2017 or earlier can upgrade here:

New Shaderlight users can purchase this latest release from our website.



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