Create your first Shaderlight Render in 7 simple steps…

So you’ve downloaded the Shaderlight 14 day trial – what next?  If you’re new to rendering with Shaderlight you may need some help getting started.  So for all you rookie renderers out there, we’ve put together this simple, 7 step tutorial to help you complete your first Shaderlight image.

Lounge with fireplace1

For an extra incentive to get rendering – make it unique, send it to us and you could win a 12 Month Shaderlight License!

Step 1 – Activate your 14 day Trial


Step 2 – Download and open the model Lounge_Test


Step 3 – Add some Finishes to your model

Lounge_Test-Slide4Select your surface, then use the SketchUp Material selector to pick a Material or upload your own. Apply the Material to your surface then use the Shaderlight Material Editor to change the finish.

Step 4 – Add some Lighting

Lounge_Test-Slide5Use the Shaderlight Lightbulb Tool to add some lighting to your model.

Step 5 – Seal the openings with Skylight Portals

Lounge_Test-Slide6Skylight Portals can be found under the Lightbulb tool in Shaderlight.  They are used to ‘seal’ the room and direct natural light in. It is important to seal any openings – windows or doors where the Interior is open as this will reduce any noise on the render.

You can find out more about Portals on our YouTube Channel

Step 6 – Check your render settings

Lounge_Test-Slide7When your happy with your model, its time to check the render settings. It’s best to use a lower quality and smaller output resolution when playing with settings as it will render faster. Use the Camera Icon to export your render. Try setting up a daytime scene and also an evening scene using the different settings.

Step 7 – Render your scene!

Lounge_Test-Slide8When you are happy with the settings you can adjust the output resolution and set your quality to high. You will notice it changes to tiled mode, which is the most effective way to render your high quality scene. You can then export your render using the Camera icon, or use the Cloud button to send your render to the Cloud using your complementary free credit!

You can find out more about Cloud Rendering on our Website

Happy rendering – we look forward to seeing the results!  Don’t forget, send us your finished renders before the 30th March and you could win a 12 month license.

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