Improve your performance with Shaderlight 2.4

If you haven’t already heard the news – users of Shaderlight can now render faster and more efficiently, thanks to the release of version 2.4 of the leading interactive and intuitive rendering plug-in to SketchUp.

Available to download for free if you’re an existing v2 customer, this latest update to Shaderlight delivers dramatically improved export and rendering performance to users when rendering complex components such as trees from 3D Warehouse or using Replace Me functionality.  In tests, Shaderlight 2.4 has reduced memory usage up to 90%.

Excited about the capabilities of the latest release 3d artist Duane Kemp posted on Facebook:

“Friends, I have to share this news. Shaderlight… the new version 2.4!!!!! This version is the first one that has been able to open my complete (330+ meg, 6’528’171 Edges, 3’040’774 Faces, 28’098 component instances, 7’991 Groups, 796 Materials) Rivendell model WITH TREES! ALLELUIA! Finally… for the first time, I get to see what I built… rendered. I’m so excited. I’ve been waiting for two years for these images to come! Thank you ArtVPS so much for the investment of time for this new and IMPROVED Shaderlight! Renders and fun to come!”

Rivendell Mill. Rendered by Kemp Productions

Shaderlight Cloud Rendering, the first and only SketchUp rendering plug-in to harness the power of cloud computing, also benefits from this latest release with vastly improved export and render times.

Head to our website to get hold of the latest software.  New users can purchase the new release as a full or timed access license from our webstore.

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