Shaderlight goes to Basecamp (again!)

The SketchUp community are an amazing bunch and to get this many experts and enthusiasts in one place should be quite a challenge – but Basecamp doesn’t disappoint.  With over 300 attendees we sent Graham and Martin over to Boulder to represent Shaderlight and we knew they were in for a good week.  Here’s a quick round up.


We launched Shaderlight at the 2010 Basecamp in Boulder, so were looking forward to meeting old friends and customers as well as recruiting some new Shaderlight fans!  SketchUcation had organised a get together on the Sunday evening and straight away, we were inundated with stories from users telling us about Shaderlight had made a difference for them and excited to see what we were planning for Basecamp.

As part of the ‘Rendering Round-up’ held on Monday morning, we gave 5 minute summary of just why Shaderlight is the No1 renderer for SketchUp.  Obviously our presentation beat the rest hands down, even Aidan Chropra’s old version of SketchUp couldn’t disrupt the demo!

Aside from Shaderlight, the other highlight of the day was an impressive keynote presentation from Bre Pettis the CEO of Makerbot which then caused many Christmas lists to be changed including the MakerBot Replicator 2 desktop 3D printing machine.

Tuesday we got to head over to Rembrandt Yard Art Gallery for day two. After spending some time showing people Shaderlight the unconference started with an impressive list of subjects raised by Basecamp attendees. We presented Shaderlight to a packed room, and were also able to introduce the new Android App for Shaderlight that can be downloaded for free from the Google play store.  Apple version coming soon!.


Wednesday came round all too quickly, but SketchUp had organised a day for people to really get their teeth in to with projects designing classroom environments in association with a charity. The presentations were amazing, it showed what you can do when you get this many SketchUp experts and architects in teams working together. The day ended in a SketchUp competition to win a Makerbot, unfortunately, we didn’t win but I’m not sure how we would have got the prize though customs anyhow!  Mike Tadros, from Igloo Studios was the overall winner with his general knowledge of SketchUp.

We are VERY excited by the news of SketchUp 2013, and the prospect of a Basecamp every year. We look forward to being there and catching up with everyone again.

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