Create your own Replace Me components

Many of you tell us how you couldn’t live without Replace Me and how much you love using the trees and people that we have in our collection on 3D Warehouse however did you know you can create your own Replace Me components?

Why not follow this quick tutorial and give it a go!

  • Create a simple SketchUp model to become your Replace Me component.

  • Select Plugins->Shaderlight for SketchUp->Replace Me Creator to launch the Replace Me Creator tool. The name of the selected component will show in the Replace Me Creator window.

  • Click the Browse button and select a SketchUp model file (.skp) that will replace the component when rendered.  Alternatively you can choose to render a model from 3D Warehouse by pasting the model’s url in to the source box.

  • Click Start Render. The contents of the SketchUp model file will render in the place of your Replace Me component.

It’s as simple as that.

For more information take a look at one of our Replace Me video tutorials or our online help.


To ensure your detailed model renders as the correct size and position, you must be careful about how you save the detailed component SketchUp file and be careful about the position of the Replace Me component axis.

Models from 3D warehouse may also have unrealistic scale or have the axis in a strange location

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2 Responses to Create your own Replace Me components

  1. jerome nicholas says:

    Is there a way to make this link permanent? In other words when you insert a placeholder component into a model, the link to the replaceme component automatically comes with it. This would save a lot of time.

  2. Shaderlight says:

    When you save a Replace Me component the link will be automatically saved with the component, so it will be automatically included when you download a Replace Me component, that is how the Replace Me components on 3D warehouse work. I hope that helps.

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