Shaderlight lights up SketchUp

It’s now even easier to render real world lighting from SketchUp thanks to the launch of Shaderlight 2.1.

Headlining this update is our ‘light fixture library’ – a useful new addition that gives you access to a bunch of models from Visa lighting but with the added bonus that the IES files are already embedded.  So, next time you need to shine some light on your scene, simply import your chosen fixture and hit render – Shaderlight will add render the correct light and shadow detail for that fixture without you doing a thing.

Check out Martin’s latest lighting tutorial video for a quick overview

The changes we’ve made to the software also now mean that you can embed IES files in to your own SketchUp models so that they’re always ready to render in Shaderlight.

As you can see from the above images, we’ve also made some significant improvements to the quality of interior renders particularly when using portal lights.  As well as reducing the amount of noise generated from the light source, you can shine sunlight directly though portals to achieve that dramatic look we’ve all been looking for.

Read about all the new additions in Shaderlight 2.1 on our website and make sure you download the update to try them for yourself!

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