Smart rendering from Shaderlight

Shaderlight v2 has been out in the wild for couple of weeks now and it seems you love it just as much as we do, so thanks!  If you’ve not had a chance to download it yet, what are you waiting for – it really is pretty special.

Whilst the new animation feature is great and will transform your SketchUp and Shaderlight presentations, Replace Me is really the thing that you wonder what you ever did without.

What is Replace Me?

The idea for Replace Me was born over lunch in Boulder with our good friend Daniel Tal.  As a landscape architect there were two things he needed to add to his scene to make it feel real – trees and people – but he struggled with the amount of geometry it added to an already complex SketchUp scene and the inevitable slow down that ensued.

When I told the clever team here all about the problem, I knew they’d come up with something to solve it!

How does Replace Me work?

By using a proxy model in your SketchUp scene instead of the full 3d model Replace Me enables you to render detailed models without filling your SketchUp scene with geometry.

You can create your own proxy (using the Replace Me creator from the plug ins menu) or choose one from our Replace Me library on 3d Warehouse.  Simply place it in your SketchUp scene and when you hit render, Replace Me imports the selected 3d model in to Shaderlight and renders it, just like normal!

Replace Me component and Shaderlight render

It’s not just for people and trees – any model can be replaced.

There are three ways to use Replace Me

  • Choose from our growing library of Replace Me models in Google’s 3D Warehouse – we’ve partnered with Dynascape to give you some great trees!
  • Use the Replace Me creator tool to link your own proxy component to your chosen model from 3D Warehouse
  • Use the Replace Me creator tool to link your own proxy component to your chosen model on your local machine.

If you’ve not yet had a chance to look, Martin’s put together some great tutorial videos that show you just how Replace Me works and the great results you can achieve without overloading your SketchUp scene.  There’s also a host of information in our online help too.

One thing to remember is that the idea behind Replace Me is to free up SketchUp from large amounts of geometry so you can continue to build your scene without any slow down, your render time in Shaderlight will still be the same.

Keep the feedback and fantastic Replace Me renders coming.  It’s always great to see what you guys are working on.

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2 Responses to Smart rendering from Shaderlight

  1. Tim says:

    Does this method work with Vray in sketchup?

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