The Little Architect chooses Shaderlight

When we launched our ‘Winter Wonderland’ competition in November 2010, we received hundreds of amazing 3D images from around the world. Entrant’s ages were not required so the judging panel had no idea that one of the three winning projects was created by a thirteen year-old boy.

The competition challenged Google SketchUp users to model a winter wonderland and render it using Shaderlight. The second prize, award by judges, Mike Lucey at SketchUcation, Chris Dizon from Google SketchUp and Steve Jarratt, editor of 3D World, was a traditional snowy scene featuring a log cabin and was created by young teenager – Abedallah from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Abedallah’s love of architecture and design began at a young age. “I first became interested in architecture when I was in kindergarten and I’d watch my brother working on his high school graphics homework. At school I’d always create more complex structures with building blocks compared to the other children.”

“What I love about architecture is that it is everywhere, surrounding us and there are no limits. I am completely free to do whatever I want, especially with tools like SketchUp and Shaderlight. I love the freedom to innovate, creating something new every time.”

Abedallah is now studying graphic design in high school but has been using SketchUp since he was nine years old. “One of my favourite SketchUp modellers is Surya Murali, she creates such amazing 3D models with lighting and reflections. I read that she used the Shaderlight plug-in so I downloaded it straight away! I love that it’s such a simple tool set and that it integrates with SketchUp so well. It produces stunning results and is packed with features that I now couldn’t live without.”

Always busy working on new designs, Abedallah says his main focus is new homes. “I can’t keep count of how many home designs I have completed. I’ve created a few office buildings, shopping centres, coffee shops, restaurants and a sky scraper or two. At the moment I’ve almost completed a boutique restaurant, there’s just a little work left on the exterior. If I could design any building, it would have to be a tourist attraction or a landmark, simply because of the attention and appreciation it would receive. “

So what does the future hold for such impressive young talent?  “I definitely want to get my masters in architecture and become a registered architect,” says Abedallah. “I’d also like to get into interior design too. My dream is to design and establish my own restaurant, but I’d hire other people to run it while I focus on my architecture.”

You can see more of Abedallah’s work on his Facebook page

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