Your work and inspiration: take part in our Mini-Interviews

Recently, we have brought you useful content about Shaderlight and the latest news about the product. However, we are also keen to talk about rendering and other topics our users, from designers and architects to students and home users, are interested in.

Where better to look for the most valuable content than in our own community of those that are already practicing or just starting out in the industry?

We’d love your input!

Over the course of the coming weeks we’d love to hear about your work and about what inspires you.

  • What do you love about design and/or architecture? 
  • What has recently made an impression on you? 
  • What’s your current project?

We’ll be conducting a series of mini-interviews that we’ll then post on this blog, showing off our users’ work.  And we’d love to hear from you!

To participate in one of our quick and fun mini-interviews, just drop us an email on and we’ll send through the questions. Here’s your chance to become famous within the Shaderlight community :).

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