Shaderlight licensing update

When we launched the updates to Shaderlight on March 1st we incorporated a new licensing system to make installing the software a whole lot simpler for you.

The limitation of this new system however, was that we were unable to allow multiple activations on a license code or have the ability to transfer the license to another machine.

Many of you have been in touch with us since the change was made and we’ve listened!

From Monday April 4th every copy of Shaderlight Pro features the new licensing which means it can be installed on 2 machines, but only use 1 at a time.

So now, whether you’re at home or the office, on a desktop machine or your laptop you can render with Shaderlight – just not all at once!

If you bought Shaderlight before Monday April 4th and would like to update you license please email

Unfortunately these licence changes do not apply to time bound educational licences.

Thanks for your feedback everyone, we hope that the changes we’ve made improve your enjoyment of the software!

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Commercial Director at Shaderlight Ltd
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